Elongtress is a hair supplement and oil brand that sells a range of hair and skin products online. They have a sister brand known as Black Hair Information

We worked with Elongtress for 30 days to establish their online platform. From migrating their online store to improving its email marketing strategies, our role was build a credible brand for the client.


Using Email Marketing and Branding to Drive Sales


The founder of Elongtress had quite a huge presence online, so they were not interested in traffic. However, they were looking to increase revenue by converting the current traffic to paying customers.

We were tasked to improve the conversation rate of their website and the email marketing strategy.


Following the migration of the website, the founder found it easier to use the new interface to manage the business. Furhtermore, we carried out a range of campaigns to build a credible brand, including hosting a giveaway and leveraging current client testimonials.

In 30 days we were able to grow its revenue by approx 100%


“Kelvin did a good job in engaging with my subscribers and driving sales within a month.”

Alma Ruddock, Elongtress Owner